crashing down

comes crashing down
why can t you never
come close
why do you always run away
at the same point
why are you always
making the same mistakes
over and over again
why do you thing
every time
this time is going to be different
some things just never change
no matter how much you want them to
i really thought
this could be for real this time
but maybe it isn t
maybe this is just not
my lucky day


sometimes they happen much faster
than expected
will they be good
or bad
did i do the right thing
was this the right choice
i am scared
that everything is going to fast
that the plan has changed
that things will go wrong
i really want this to be ok


for this day - which has been filled with love

margit brandt

spring 2010
scarf necklace



i will

how to?

how do you know
how much you like someone
by talking on the phone
i don t know
is it even possible to determine
how much you like that person
when you never see his face
his gestures
his smiles
his eyes
you only
hear his voice
but that seems
more than beautiful

him & i ...


my love

i am sending you
my love
every bad day
will turn
into something great
i promise


please don't escape - life is beautiful

lovely loneliness

Je t'adore & les chausettes de Lanvin

sweeter & sweeter

i like
sweet rhymes
sweet words
sweet music
i love
sweet people
sweet sweets
sweet support
you are
getting sweeter
with every word
and every day

ysl x berlin

this years
ysl manifesto tote
was also available in berlin
to bad i wasnt around myself
but one of my dearest friends
was lucky
so it is soon to be mine
thanks a lot

no no no

is this love
or is this
too much
it must be
quite nice
to have
and be
with someone
you really love
and you want to spend
all your time with
but it sure
isn't easy
to find

true words


love to love

my one
only love
you give me

so last season

but honestly
who cares
i adore those
chloé knitted shorts


a single dress

this beautiful
beautiful dress
has just been on the new york runways
it s by
erin fetherston
i like
a lot



bobobowties all over

The IT Accessory for this season and latest borrowed-from-our-boyfriend-best-friend-whatever-accessorie. From oversized to tinie ones - from colourful to classy black.
Go get yours...

lovely coat

new york fashion week
marc by marc jacobs
and my personal favorite
this coat and me
next winter

daily horoscope

the sun drifts into pisces
for the next month
turning life into a waking dream
the line between fantasy and reality blurs
making you uber-creative and capable of outputting
some truly magical results
you’re also a bit susceptible to con artists
check people’s references
before handing over your cash
or believing their tales
a spiritual journey
awakens your higher consciousness
if it involves a location near water


something good

tell me something
tell me
that you love me

all they do is art

i wish i could post it
but i wont
my lovely friend has just send me the first pictures
of her beautiful
first son
she had him 3 weeks ago
and he is the most precious little thing
i have seen in a very long time
i can hardly wait
to see this him grow up
and turn into
wonderful person
just like his mum and dad


your mind and mine

eames eifel wire chair

my new eames wire chair
dropped of in front of my door
in the middle of the night
what a lovely surprise

daily horoscope

today it seems
that the more you do for others
the lazier they become
remind yourself
that you’re in the market for rewarding
give-and-take connections
not one-sided relationships
time to pull back a bit
and give others a chance to step up to the plate
be a little more patient
not everyone works at supersonic speed
like you


you are...

my sweetest downfall
i loved you first
i loved you first

hanne bee

84 year old artist hanne bee
opened her exhibition
at helmet gallery in munich

her pictures of luscious women
painted in bright
set you back
into this imaginary world
where everything is possible


james perse

i have always been deeply in love
with james perse
if it comes to simple
but still unique
it s the best you can do
and who would say no
to that pretty girl

alexander mcqueen

Statement from the Family of Lee McQueen

“On behalf of Lee McQueen’s family, Alexander McQueen today announces the tragic news that Lee McQueen, the founder and designer of the Alexander McQueen brand has been found dead at his home. At this stage it is inappropriate to comment on this tragic news beyond saying that we are devastated and are sharing a sense of shock and grief with Lee’s family.

Lee’s family has asked for privacy in order to come to terms with this terrible news and we hope the media will respect this.”

split & mess

just had a banana split
in the sun
i feel a bit funny now
i missed you
making a banana split mess

paris mon amour

on february 4th
belgian artist roa
opened his first solo exhibition
at itinerrance gallery
in paris

it s all about
giant rabbits
or birds
who creep behind doors
or decorate walls
i am absolutely in love
with his larger than life depictions
i hope to have them on my walls
one day

thanks for sharing



i always seem to forget about
velour from sweden
i have no idea
the style
for both boys and girls
is just so effortlessly chick and striking
and even so
the shirt is from the last winter collection
i am pretty sure
i would wear it for the next season

if i were

a boy
i would wear a bow tie
but i am not
so i will continue wearing
buy lots of shoes
or bags
and maybe
maybe my next boyfriend will wear
a bow tie

unknown hipster

a fantastic way to document art exhibitions
the unknown hipster
gives us his insight
on damian hirst's
opening for
"end of an era"


so easy
and so true

work work work

for everyone
who feels like losing it
sometimes at work
don't let your boss
or anyone else
make you go crazy

never forget
it's work
it's what you do
not who you are


above the clouds

who would have thought

that this little birdie
would ever play a part in your life
apparently it does so in mine

believe it or not
i will be calmiero
for my friends costume ball
this friday

don't reply

you re lovely


waiting for summer

just found these lovely summer outfits
on the sessún website
i love the flowy, long pants
on the left
summer where are you?

light in the dark

this baby will bring new light in my life
i have been on the hunt for a lamp for quite a while now
with this one
i think
i could settle
for now
at least

some things never change

and some just do

after 8 years
one of my dearest friends
is on his way back home today
and even so i know it s for the best
and we will still be happy together
spend time together
and probably talk every day
just like we did before

it feels so surreal
how can he not be in the same city
same country
same time zone even
as me

i miss you with all my heart


♥ without words ♥

tulip mini

486 Broadway at Broome Street

love the skirt
or maybe just one of the beautiful scarfs
you know the colors i like
i love them all
in case you ll find the time

new york

heee love
i can see
why your heart is
beating like a jungle drum
mine would be to
have a wonderful wonderful time
and watch out for

my new dress - twist & tango

just got this dress today
twist & tango
i can't help it
but i am still in love with all the scandinavian brands
can't hardly wait wearing it with my new shoes
pic's to follow


My heart is beating like...

already an oldie - but still a goldie ;) :*
have a great weekend!!!

lego + band of outsiders = minifigure

lego has always been one of my favorite toys
while growing up
and band of outsiders has become one of my favorite brands
in the last few seasons
so for me
this is the greatest mix

henrik vibskov

henrik vibskov at pool gallery berlin
february 6th to march 6th
i wish i was in berlin
i wish
i would be able to see the show
i think
i should check some flights


very unique

loveliest australian export
a collection so incredibly
this is more than love
this is pure
i want to have it all

monki must have

lovely jacket by monki
but why is there no monki store
anywhere near?!