being forgotten

anyhow everyone deserves to be happy...

life is good again

thank you
for always keeping me company
giving me patience
support in every way
my beloved circle of friends
and all the energy in the world
i may need to reach my goals



zara #02
clearly a copy!!
but hey: who can affort a genuine miu miu dress?

jump jump

fresh out of the zara look book for may

this is pure
i die
for both
the jumpsuit
and the glasses

were did all the money go

Oh lá lá...

valentino's lemon silk organza dress - like a sweet dessert...

everything flows

you have these moments
where everything
just flows
everything seems to go exactly like you wish

everything flows
appreciate these times
don t take them for granted
and never forget to be
for everything you have
everything life gave you
it s beautiful


can we change the date

daily horoscope

you re feeling aggravated about a romantic issue
so take the bull by the horns
a conversation is warranted with the person who s gotten under your skin
this could be your lover
or a busybody
who seems to keep inserting herself in the middle of the two of you
dress in your most prowl-worthy outfit
and make a move on your target

can i have this for saturday instead

no way

by an unkown british artist
someone make him happy


art cologne

art cologne
from 21. to 25. of april
go if you can
i wish
i could

denham trench

oh my god
i just found my
denham trench
at the new denham the jeanmaker online shop
i have been in love
big love
with this trench for over a year
it is so adorable
and made with so much love and details
that for me
it seriously
is to die for
i am dying...


weekly horoscope

stubbornness begets stubbornness, aries, and there’s a lot of bullheaded energy flying around this week. you’ve been known to give people the iciest of silent treatments, but that doesn’t seem to eradicate them from your psyche. quite the contrary, it seems to inflame their presence in your thoughts and conversations with other people. this week, consider the radical notion that you could extend an olive branch. yes, it’s not your fault this happened, you didn’t start it, yadda yadda. extend the olive branch anyway. someone’s gotta be the bigger person here. while you might not get an immediate response, if you tap into the love that’s still living underneath the pain of this conflict, you’ll know just what to write in a letter or say in a voicemail message. ultimately, this sets you free, and just in time, as you’re ready to begin exploring an exciting new challenge at work!

new week here i come

salone di mobile 2010

so in love with missoni home and moroso!


please let it stop soon...




fashion against aids

look what i just found
pictures from the new
h&m fashion against aids festival collection
will be in stores may 20th
those pants are my newest
must must must must have
can t wait


not really
definitely yes

do it agin
let s see


yes or no...

i dont know
good or bad
i dont know
right or wrong
no idea
do or dont

want to

i never wanted to
but i just have to post this
garance and scott
what a lovely picture
as far as i am concerned
they can do as many tv shows
as they want
i d love that

what can i say
i am a sucker for love


the owl

just found this owl
by dave barnes
love the
very unique
and colorful way of his work
with a modern approach
his pieces have a special nostalgic charm
definite must have for me

lovely scented air

it might be old
it might be hard to get
and it might not be mine
christian dior bois d'argent
is my personal new favorite
it smells like everything you want
everything you love
everything you have ever dreamed of


french fries

remember when we were kids!

when going on play dates, climbing trees and eating ice cream were the greatest things in the world. all these tiny little things, like a new marble we got from our friend, seeing the first ladybug in spring, french fries with ketchup… would make our world shiny and bright.

remember when growing up!

when little things turn into big things. when obsessing about little things sometimes becomes our daily routine. when we forget about the first ladybug in spring, but french fries with ketchup still make our world shiny and bright.

les chaussures....



there is a limit to your love
like a waterfall in slow motion

beautiful spring

captured by SEA OF SHOES.



i know
we just had
j crew
but for me it s worth it
i don t know how they do it
but almost the entire lookbook for spring/summer 2010
is worth buying
love love love

you & me

i miss you


you give me butterflies

just found these
cat sims
black and white illustrations
who needs color anyways
when you can resurrect
in such simple ways

it never get s boring - hopefully


lose it

will i ever lose it
the feeling of being scared about
whats happening next
will i ever trust myself enough
to know
that i am good at what i do
will i ever stop worrying
about every single thing
happening in my life

it s gonna be alright
sooo alright
don t ever forget that