everything flows

it s just one of these days
no matter what is going on in your life
no matter how upset
you are
the world seems to go in the wrong direction
nothing makes sense anymore
and you don t know how you should continue
and then
all of a sudden
something small happens
only if it s just a friendly smile
kind words
everything flows
and you know it ll all make sense
maybe not now
but soon


in the morning

3 things to fight for

your opinion to be heard

your right to party

the girl you love

some people just break your heart

i hate the sound of that
but i keep hearing it over
and over
Everything is Borrowed (The Streets)


that would be so so nice

give yourself permission to take frequent breaks throughout the day
they don’t have to last for longer than ten or fifteen minutes
just a pause to collect your thoughts
and connect with the people around you
later in the day
smile at handsome strangers and keep your aura open and welcoming
a romantic interlude is written in the stars
although it’s bound to happen when you least expect it


banksy X nyc

he just arrived
found on cedar street
between greenwich und trinty

love love love

i need love


alright then

that much

if i had a nickel
i know what i would do
i d spend it all for candy
and give it all to you
cause thats how much i love you

mondays horoscope

hang in there with that pitbull like determination
if you believe in something
you shouldn’t budge
not even an inch
your conviction might confound
or frustrate people
who don’t see the grand vision yet
in the end
they’ll have to respect you for taking a clear stand
and pushing the envelope like this


don't know about this

in a perfect world

catrina dulay
graphic design student from california
defined her perfect world
in a simple graphic way
isn't she right about it
who would want any of this to happen
if my world only was perfect too

don't forget that...

failure is unimportant. 
it takes courage to make a fool of yourself.
- charlie chaplin -

gone with the wind

not that i will every understand how it works
he seems to be gone again
gone without saying
or doing anything
but why
did i do something
say something
miss something
is this every going to stop


too late

i konw i am too late
but still
i rode my bike that day
through rosenthaler platz
and became part of this piece of art
i loved it
who ever came up with this idea

really fast