so simple yet so true


you don't need to look to someone else
to tell you how good you are


lovely japan

lovely kirsten dunst

in a wonderful

takashi murakami video

re interpreting the song
turning japanese
all this can be seen
at the tate modern
- pop life: art in a material world -
thanks love...


it s a new day
it s a new life
for me
and i m feeling good


pictures & words

he s got it
putting together pictures & words
illustrations & words
in an amazing way
david fullarton
is my newest favorite artist
check out his blog
for more pictures
and witty comments

for you

martin margiela

20 years of
martin margiela
a unique exhibition
of his work
at somerset house in london
don t miss out
on one of contemporary fashions
most influential designers...


staples and art

the things you do
french artist
baptiste debombourg
made this piece of art
solely out of staples
i am deeply impressed
by the strength
and power
of his art work

listen up

authenticity is the cornerstone of friendship
it s time to blast through the superficial wall
that s standing between you and someone you care about
your connection is ready to move to a deeper level
trust is there
now what s required
is vulnerability and openness
in spite of your fears
you don t have to be
to be loved
would you go there
with me
i guess


high so high

highest high
that power deep inside
that lifts you up
and sets you free
like nothing else can
highest high


being patient

is something
i just cant figure out
no matter how often i do yoga
try to stay calm
distract myself with useless stuff
i cant seem to get there

i want
and need to know now
please dont keep me waiting
any longer

from winter to summer to winter to summer...

i know
winter is almost over
summer is about to start
and the last thing we want
is looking at one more piece of winter clothing
but i have to do it
vanessa bruno
fall/winter jacket
is way to beautiful
it has to be seen


more louis vuitton

pure desire

laetitia casta for louis vuitton - in love

love love love
the collection from
marc jacobs for louis vuitton
which was presented at paris fashion week
laetitia casta opened the show
in this unbelievably stunning dress
how much for style can one person have


let go of your prospects

voller liebe
vertraue ich mich
dem strom des lebens an
ich weiß
dass mich stets nur gutes erwartet
wohin ich auch gehe

sleepless night

it’s better
to overshoot the mark now
and apologize later
than to wonder eternally
what might have been



...and devotion

stella in paris

lovely stella mccartney
presented her new fall/winter 2010 line
during paris fashion week
i truly adore her sense of style
the colors
and shapes
very much in love


paris runway

love love love
the new sonia rykiel hats
even so summer hasn't quiet started yet
i am already in love
with these new hat thingies
want to have it too

jeff koons

jeff koons
curated this wonderful exhibition
at the
new museum of contemporary art
in new york

love it


art roc

beautiful collages
by gabi trinkaus


trust = issues

can we trust

not sure

weekly horoscope - so sad so true

welcome to the surreal world
four planets link up in Pisces this week
making it hard to determine what (especially who) is real
or fake
your antenna are up about a certain someone
but before you jump to conclusions
do some investigative work
there may be a hidden agenda at play
but it’s not exactly what you think
the reason this situation upsets you so
is because it directly triggers an issue from your past
there’s good news here
–pisces is your cosmic counselor
here to help you heal and liberate your blocked emotions
dig deeper
what’s going on below the surface of your feelings?
what does this week’s dilemma remind you of from your childhood?
the characters involved
–who are they reminiscent of?
this week
you could unlock a huge subconscious puzzle
and move through the final stages of an unfinished mourning process
sweet freedom
when that psychic weight is lifted
you’ll be ready to create life
a new clean canvas
blank slate
and all

The Selby @ Colette

One of my favorite photographers just moved from New York to Paris.
His new address is nothing other than "just" the display window of
THE parisienne concept store par excellence - the always inspiring Colette.
On Sunday Feb 28th he moved into his 7 sqm room and set up
a beautiful mix of collages and illustrated furniture.
Todd for roomie we would claim and move in there immediately.
The Selby VS. Colette --1st till the 6th of March 2010


nyc fashion week

the outfit

molly knows

Absolute adoreable unique pieces.
Handmade jewelry from NYC.
Vintage pieces VS. new treasuries.

good good good

will be good
i know