weekly horoscope - so sad so true

welcome to the surreal world
four planets link up in Pisces this week
making it hard to determine what (especially who) is real
or fake
your antenna are up about a certain someone
but before you jump to conclusions
do some investigative work
there may be a hidden agenda at play
but it’s not exactly what you think
the reason this situation upsets you so
is because it directly triggers an issue from your past
there’s good news here
–pisces is your cosmic counselor
here to help you heal and liberate your blocked emotions
dig deeper
what’s going on below the surface of your feelings?
what does this week’s dilemma remind you of from your childhood?
the characters involved
–who are they reminiscent of?
this week
you could unlock a huge subconscious puzzle
and move through the final stages of an unfinished mourning process
sweet freedom
when that psychic weight is lifted
you’ll be ready to create life
a new clean canvas
blank slate
and all


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