weekly horoscope

stubbornness begets stubbornness, aries, and there’s a lot of bullheaded energy flying around this week. you’ve been known to give people the iciest of silent treatments, but that doesn’t seem to eradicate them from your psyche. quite the contrary, it seems to inflame their presence in your thoughts and conversations with other people. this week, consider the radical notion that you could extend an olive branch. yes, it’s not your fault this happened, you didn’t start it, yadda yadda. extend the olive branch anyway. someone’s gotta be the bigger person here. while you might not get an immediate response, if you tap into the love that’s still living underneath the pain of this conflict, you’ll know just what to write in a letter or say in a voicemail message. ultimately, this sets you free, and just in time, as you’re ready to begin exploring an exciting new challenge at work!

new week here i come

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