hang on

pluto’s tour through your career house has you itching to make big changes
you’re craving deeper fulfillment from your work
but the vision of how to earn enough money from this path is still crystallizing
then there’s the fact that certain people are depending on you at work and home
quitting your day job is oh-so-tempting
but is it truly a responsible move at this time?
not exactly
this week
a square between pluto and saturn sounds the call for partnership
start lining up allies and supporters who can help you make this transition smoothly
it may take until october to fully work itself out
but there’s no reason why you can’t begin slowly inching towards your dream work arrangement
likely, this will find you working independently
as you thrive when you can create without restriction
or watchful eyes looking over your shoulder
engage your romantic partner in this process as well
if you work together as a team
you’ll find creative ways to generate enough cash during potential lean (or dry) spells in your earning process

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