love is in the air

Why are relationships so complicated?

What can we do about the ebbs and flows of attraction?

How valuable is time alone?

Everyone knows that love makes us happier but also more miserable than anything else.

And on Valentine’s Day, whether you are single or coupled, it’s a subject that’s impossible for any of us to ignore.

We’ve created a day to guide you through love’s joys and pitfalls using insights and wisdom from the greatest thinkers on the topic.

We’ll explore some essential questions: How can lovers have better conversations?

How important is sex?

How can love be made to last?

What can science usefully tell us about love?

a love weekend created by the school of life in london
february 13th
if i could i would join
no matter how hard we try to ignore
or to pretend otherwise
love is
and always will be
one of the most important topics in all our lives

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