she told be she would go to get some cigarettes. i never saw her again.
i remember she always wanted to live in australia. down under seemed like a place of love and peace to her. maybe a house close to the ocean with wild flowers and even wilder animals in the backyard. sunshine everyday, the possibility to go swimming or surfing, hang out and relax all day.
she hated to work, had never liked it and had never found something to truly fulfill her. what she liked was being nice to people, helping an old lady cary her groceries, playing hide and seek with the kids and making the most amazing dinner parties ever.
she would invite all her friends, decorate the house and cook the tastiest meals you can imagine. she didn't even need a recipe. the world was her inspiration and the kitchen her natural habitat, everything was possible, sweet cakes and desert, fresh bread, meat, vegetables everything handmade.
during summer time she would serve homemade lemonade cold and sour with lots and lots of ice cubes, while her friend would mingle in the garden.
everyone was having the greatest time until now that she is gone. who is going to cook for us, throw us a party, make us feel good and forget about work?
maybe we should stop working too, and try finding her somewhere in this world.

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