the concept of time

when you are a couple you seem to have all the time in the world. time to spend with each other, time to go out to dinner, time to travel, go on vacation, time to talk about the future, sometimes even to meet your other couple friends.

but what happens to your concept of time when you are single?

all of a sudden everything is different and for some strange reason you seem to have no time at all anymore. you are constantly in a hurry going to work, meeting your friends, going to the newest exhibition or shop-opening and if you are lucky going from one date to another.

no matter what your concept of time completely changes. it might even leave you totally out of breath while you are running from one place to another trying to manage all those crazy obligations. and all the time feeling the pressure and thinking about all the potential partners you might meet at one of these events.

this is all fine and good of course from the outside this might even look like fun. most of your couple friends are probably even jealous about your busy schedule and all the exciting things you experience everyday. when my couple friends invite me some how I always end up entertaining them with the newest events regarding either my love life, the latest party fiasco or my job. it feels like my life is so much more exciting but all I want is to be a couple and have all the time in the world.

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