i heard the bird

i moved to munich about a year ago and one of the many arguments from people who tried to convince me that this was the right choice was actually the great summer munich is supposed to have every year.
sunshine, 30° everyday and night, beautiful/refreshing lakes and not to forget the beloved biergarten trips.
here you enjoy the nice weather in very rustic locations while eating fatty food and drinking, yeah right beer!

so i wonder what happened to all of this?summer is not even close to arrive.
so far i have spend one day on a beautiful/refreshing lake and one time in a biergarten eating ketchup with french fries and slurping on my beer,which i really only do in a biergarten or at oktoberfest, because i can stand the taste of it but people down here wont care and keep forcing you to like it.

back to the missing summer - how much longer can we take this?
even the birds start to freak out one just wouldn t stopp gaggling outside my office window for what felt like an hour. once he calmed down it looked like he had made his decision, put on his sun glasses and just waved good bye on his way south.
but what the hell are we supposed to do?
i think i might go home now, find my wings and fly out visit my little birdie friend in the caribbean...

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