heart attack

it happened today, totally unexpected or out of the blue as one would say.
as usual lina got to work at nine in the morning. she always gets there at nine and she always leaves at six. only very rarely when there is really lots of work to do lina stays longer, of course. but there almost never is, so she comes at nine and leaves at six. by now her boss should know that, since she works for the same boss for quite a while already. how long again? well, at least one year and a couple of month.

lina works in a big house, you could almost call it a town house. very high ceilings, big windows, beautiful garden, everything is very nice, neat, light, clean she always feels like she is not allowed to touch anything or talk to anyone, because who knows what you could break or do wrong once you open your mouth or move. anyhow, when it happened lina sat infront of her computer working away. she heard a weird and unexpected noise, foot steps at first and then some keys, the door closed, keys in the look turned around
- oh no - lina thought - what is going on, is it six already? - but it wasn't not even close. it was 15:41 and she still had a couple of hours to go until she could leave for the day.
- damn it, what is my boss thinking - she got up from her desk and than it happened, the loudest, shrilling noise you can imagine. a tone so freakishly loud it not only makes your heart stop it scares you to death (well almost).
lina felt like she couldn't breath anymore it was the same feeling she had had that day when she ran into her ex-boyfriend that she had been with for many many years. had lived with him, had shared everything the apartment, money, friends even a dog (which after the break up she gave away to some friends parents. she just couldn't bare the thought of living with that dog after everything that had happened). and then one day she runs into him with the new girl, much younger then lina, long, shiny hair, skinny legs, even skinnier arms, sweet face but not model like, but ok,
but, oh my good it made her heart stop, she couldn't breath it was so unexpected, she didn't know what to do, to say, how to behave, where to turn, or just run.
so, once she had taken a deep breath she did exactly what she did back then. lina ran to the door and just smashed the alarm system, just like she had smashed her ex-boyfriends face the day she saw him with the new girl.
of course her boss couldn't know that, but seriously what the hell was he thinking to lock her in at 15:41. if he was so scared she could leave one day to find a better job, he shouldn't have started something with another girl in the first place.

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