she was lucky, very lucky. she had friends, a job, a roof above her had. she was pretty, too, not exceptionally pretty but pretty enough for people to turn their heads when they saw her on the street.

her friends would call her ruby, because of her shiny long healthy hair. at work she was mrs perfect, because she would do everything on time, in the correct order and format and would never miss or forget anything she was supposed to be doing. she even did everything always, always, always just a couple of minutes before she had to, what made her look even more perfect.

her parents were very proud of her, she had moved away from the country, made it in the big city, with, what seemed to them a big job, a nice apartment and lots of friends. she would send a letter to her parents every week, telling them about her days, her job and any other news she wanted them to know. twice a year she would take on the long journey back to the country to visit her family. she would help her mom clean the house, go food shopping and mowing the lawn with her dad and play with her sisters kids in the garden.

but no one
no one would send her, her favorite flowers

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