down under

She arrived down under a day later than expected. The airline had some troubles on the way and so she got stuck in almost every airport she could imagine. Spending a night at a crappy airport hotel in London, being delayed in Hong Kong and spending another night at a Sydney airport hotel, before she finally arrived in Melbourne. Stepping out of the airport a warm, humid air came across her easing her body from the immense travel troubles she’s been having for the last two days. But where would she go? She had no idea about Australia or Melbourne for that matter. The only thing she knew was that she had always wanted to go there, it had been a feeling more than anything else.

And then finally a week ago, she was wondering around the city, looking at pretty shop windows counting the little money she had left to decide in the end that she would not buy anything, she somehow ended up at the airport. Without thinking twice about it she bought a ticket to Melbourne – and here she was.

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