him and her

He makes her shiver, makes her heart beat faster and eases her at the same time with his sweet words. Those sweet words that he speaks in his deep dark voice, warm, comforting, respectful. Her phone rings she sees his name her heart jumps her mind is calm. A weird connection, one she has never experienced in her life so far. She always knows what to do and how to do it. She doesn’t want advice she doesn’t want people telling her what to do or where to go. He is an exception, though, he gives advice he means well he supports her. He makes her feel strong and independent, he makes her feel she is doing the right thing, going the right way.

She hates when people call her - baby - she loves when he calls her – baby -. She can go for weeks without him, without knowing where he is or what he does, without talking to him or thinking of him and then all of a sudden there he is again, her phone rings, her heart jumps her mind is calm. How does he always figure out the right moment to call? How does he calm her down from far, so very far sometimes?

He is definitely an idiot one she shouldn’t trust, one who is not reliable and one who might just leave and never call you again. She doesn’t want to have a relationship with him, ever, he will betray her, with her best friend, the secretary, the nurse or kinder garden teacher. Yet, he is in her life somehow and she doesn’t want him to leave, to go away. He just makes her feel so good about herself, an independent women in this world, working, working hard in this male dominated environment and still finding her way, being successful, enjoying life in all its beauty. Where is he in this picture and how did he get there. He makes her shiver when he kisses her good-bye.

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